Dec 042008

ACH!  I was going to talk all about progress that happened in the last couple days.  I am going into business with my stepdad to create an online website.  We’ll be partners, 50/50.  But I cannot write anything that is in any way interesting or coherent right now.  Ok, please don’t laugh at me and say that I never write anything interesting or coherent.  Comments from the peanut gallery aren’t helping right now.

Plus I’m sick.  My throat hurts.  And my head too.  Some sympathy would be nice.  Honestly, sometimes I feel like I give and I give here and don’t get anything back.  This relationship is far too one-sided.

Ok, I’m sorry, you’re right.  You do a lot for me.  Really.

(Here’s hoping that our regularly scheduled Aaron will actually show up again tomorrow.  This post was written by a doppelganger.  Please disregard anything said as it is clearly the work of someone dangerously close to lunacy.)

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