Dec 082008

Although I’m in a unique position, what I’m going to talk about today isn’t unique to me: finding balance. Somewhere between avoiding all responsibility and filling every moment with commitments lies a happy medium. It’s finding that balance that can be so difficult.

Who among us hasn’t found him or herself in a situation where juggling responsibilities and priorities seems like a daily struggle?  How do you step back from those things you have offered to do so that you can focus only on what is most important?

After I left (escaped!) my job, the thing I wanted most immediately was a bit of time to relax and be completely irresponsible.  I didn’t want to worry about doing anything at all.  I suppose that’s what most of us want when we get away from work or go on vacation – a chance to leave the cares and worries that are swirling around constantly in the background of our minds, and to just focus on relaxation and being in the moment.  So, with my new freedom, I thought about all the things that I could do without the tether of a job tying me to one location.  And for a while, I relaxed a bit a went on some short trips.  I rode on Space Mountain for the first time in 15 years, and hiked in the mountains around Lake Tahoe.

All too soon, however, I found myself volunteering and agreeing to take responsibility for things which really should have been secondary to my main goal – starting a business and focusing on myself.  And with a creeping certainty, those commitments began to take up more and more of my time; they began to eat away more and more of my mental energy.

So it goes with me it seems.  I often find myself oscillating between doing too little and taking on too much, always struggling to find the right balance that will let me be calm yet productive, to take care of myself and also give back to others.

Today my renewed focus is on figuring out what combination of things works best for me and will make me most happy.  I hope you find this balance in your own life.

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