Dec 152008

Last year at Christmas I had 12 days of vacation time that I needed to take for work otherwise I would lose them.  I was more than happy to get a 2 1/2 week break from work – it had been 5 years since I had that much time off in a row with nothing to worry about.

This year, I’m not working for a company that grants me vacation time.  I’m working on Aaron-time.  Sometimes I think Aaron lets me have too much time off from work.  So the question then is: how much holiday vacation do I allow myself to take?  Should I set some days aside that I use to completely divorce myself from any thoughts of work?

I guess I will probably end up working the whole time through the holidays, just not as much as I would normally, and not on any kind of real schedule.  I keep thinking that I’ll feel guilty about that though.  When I had vacation from work I didn’t feel guilty in the slightest about not working.  Now I will, because I still haven’t gotten anything concrete up and running and I desperately need to.  Either that or get a part-time job… *ugh*.

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  1. You really hit upon one of my favorite things about working for someone else – I don’t think about work at all during weekends and holidays. I had so much more free time in college, but every weekend I knew in the back of my head that I should be studying something, even though I never did that. I never felt like I had a totally free moment.

  2. There are no real holidays for the self employed. The longer you do things on your own the more you will realize this. Don’t think in the old company man mentality. Sure there is the christmas eve and new years, 2 days doesn’t really count tho does it. I say work your ass off at your current small/big objective. When you accomplish that and have something to show for your hard work then step back for awhile to recharge your batteries. That could be tom. or a month from now. I wouldn’t set a particular time and day to take a vacation. Screw the “holiday season”. Thats just when most of the other sheeple get their free grazing time.

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