Dec 172008

My last job, in pharma sales, required me to drive from place to place to get to all the doctor’s offices I had to visit on any given day.  My territory was huge, so on some days I found myself driving for 5 hours.  All things considered, I probably averaged 3 hours sitting in the driver’s seat of Buchephalus (that was my name for my company car – a huge black Ford Five Hundred sedan – and was also the name of Alexander the Great’s steed.)

What I discoverd is that 3 hours a day sitting in the same position can mess you up if you don’t deal with it correctly.  After a few months on the job, I started experiencing tingling down my right leg, and this eventually progressed into discomfort and then pain. Basically, I was getting sciatica from the pressure on my spine. A job-related injury. In the scheme of things, having leg pain from sitting too much seems like a really lame thing to complain about.  I mean, I worked construction years ago, and that’s a job you could feel good about bitching about, you know?  It’s like “aww damn, the blisters on my hand just popped open from hammering too much, and my back is all messed up from carrying big heavy pieces of stuff all over the place.”  Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I could really sink my teeth into complaining about.

So leg pain from sitting?  Yeah, no so happy about having to deal with that.  Even so, it was a reality, and I figured out how to deal with it.

Well, now I have a new occupation, and it involves starting at a screen for many hours a day.  I’m sure most of you know what happens, and I bet many of you have expreienced what comes next – your eyes start to get worse. So new I need to figure out how to add more hours of not looking at a screen into my daily activities.  I guess I could do something fun.  You know, outdoors.  I hear there’s cool things to do out there.

Maybe I’m just getting old(er).  I hear things start to break down, and don’t work so well anymore.  Or maybe it’s just always something. Ahhh, life :)

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