Dec 312008

I’m kind of excited.  Really!  (I often don’t get too excited before big events – even long vacations).  I’m also nervous.  Launch is imminent for the business my stepdad, Luc, and I have created.

We’ve been putting in a lot of work over the last week and a half, writing content, getting the design tweaked, brainstorming, doing keyword research, taking photos, etc.  On Sunday we’re going to get everything fully up, activate the sites RSS feeds, send a sitemap off to google to get us listed in searches, and voila!  We will be launched.

Then the real work begins.  That’s when we start tracking google analytics to see how people are interacting with the site, how they are getting there.  We’ll try to solicit feedback to see what stories and content people want.  If all goes well, we will begin podcasting on a regular basis.

Wow, I don’t know if I just got excited or made myself nervous and scared listing all that stuff, because that’s surely not the whole of what we have to do.

But, having gotten this far, learning all that I have (and having fun dong it!) I have faith that I will be able to tackle these new challenges in the future, and have something that I am proud of to show for it.

(Check back in next Monday and I’ll give you the web site address so you can check it out – right now there just isn’t any content on there to justify a visit.)

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