Jan 052009

Well, we launched our site officially today (wait, erm, it’s past midnight, so I guess it was yesterday.) Anyhoo, it’s a magazine type site / bloggish thingy, so by no means are we done.  We only have a little content so far, with much more to come over the next weeks, month, etc.

But I’m pretty happy with the design, and it’s been a lot of fun figuring out how to do all the little things necessary to put a decent looking web site together. What I found out is that it’s really not all that hard.

So should it tickle your fancy, take a look at the site, and know that feedback is always appreciated!

Disabled and Productive

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  1. Congratulations on the launch. I checked out the site and I like the layout and content you have already implemented so far. Happy New Year to you and Luc.

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