Jan 092009

Okay, if there has ever been a little part of you that thought “yeah, I’d like to set up my own business, like to have my own thing going” I’m going to tell you seriously to follow that thought. Following it doesn’t have to mean you need to make any sort of life-changing decisions (like I did…) you just have to decide to put some time aside to try.

So with that in mind, I’m inviting (and encouraging) everyone I know with a little bit of entrepreneurial spirit to explore that part of themselves by taking part in the 30 Day Challenge.

30 Days doesn’t really seem like much, and in fact it isn’t. But you’d be surprised, when you set a goal for just that 1 month out and make it a priority, how much can be done in that time.

The goal of the 30 Day Challenge in simple: set up a business (online) learn how to market it, and make one dollar in a span of 30 days.

The guys who put the whole thing together are superstars of the internet marketing world, are totally plugged in to what is new, useful, and important online, and know their shit. Plus, they make the whole thing fun.

I just signed up and decided to go through the challenge, and if you can commit to this one course of action for 30 Days, you should too.

(Oh, and I did mention it’s totally free, right?)


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  1. Congrats Aaron on you endeavor. Can I use the word balls on this ite?

  2. I’d say it depends on the context. Try to keep it decently clean. Knowing you though, I guess I should just say “no”.


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