Jan 272009

Last Sunday was a lot of things: rainy, gloomy, Chinese New Year, and also the day after the last day of the big sale at Harrods. Unfortunately, we didn’t know the sale had ended, so we traveled through the rain to shop at a decidedly un-salesy Harrods. Which translates to full price Harrods. Which, I am fairly certain, resides nowhere near the definition of inexpensive shopping.

But my aim in going to Harrods was to see the wonder that is the store, and let me tell you, it is BIG. And they have everything. Sort of like a larger, totally high-end Wall-Mart. Filled with United Kingdominions.

We worked up a big appetite in the store, so we joined some people for a big hot pot dinner in recognition of Chinese New Year. It was crazy fun, totally messy, and tasty.

The next day I did some wandering, and I love wondering because I seem to always find something unexpected and cool, and Monday was no different. Pleasant sounds drew me into a covered market where a classical quartet was entertaining a growing crowd. I’ll let the music speak for itself.

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