Feb 122009

The last video I have from my time in London is short – I guess I was too absorbed in just taking the last of my time there in. The first little bit of video is from inside one of the pods on the London Eye, which is basically a gigantic Ferris wheel that is, oh, I don’t know, a couple hundred feet tall? I suppose I could look for the info online, but I am too lazy. Anyway, you get a great view of central London and along the Thames.

The next day I visited the Tate Modern Museum (which is, somewhat unsurprisingly, a museum of modern art.) As you walk in, one half of the entire ground floor is devoted to a exhibit featuring giant sculptures, and a little story explains that it has been raining continuously for years, and the sculptures have started to grow, watered by the rain. So they brought them inside, into the shelter set up to keep people away from the rain. It was a weird little story, but the exhibit was nonetheless impressive.

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