Apr 202009

Since I started my new job, which puts a big emphasis on exercise, fitness, and healthy living, I’ve been on a bit of a fitness kick. I started doing yoga again (going to a Bikram Yoga studio), I’ve been riding my bicycle the 10 miles to work, and I think I’m finally going to sign up for my first olympic distance triathlon. 

I run and I bike ride, but I don’t swim much on a regular basis, and that needs to change. So I purchased a season pass to the community pool near where I live and went there for a swim of about 2/3 of a mile today.

It felt great and left me feeling a really good sore. After the swim I rewarded myself by lounging by the pool on a deck chair and reading for a bit. That’s where the dumbness comes in.

See, I have fairly pale skin, and I burn easily. I had no sunscreen on. But somehow I thought laying out in the sun at 1pm and reading for a while would be a good idea. Then I went home and sat in the sun some more.

And now I have lobstered myself.

Why do I get older, yet still repeat the same behaviors that cause me pain and discomfort? Like drinking too much, or rolling around in Poison Oak, for instance. Dumb dumb Aaron.

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