Apr 282009

I think I’m beginning to really enjoy documentary movies more than almost any other type of movie. Two thoughts come into my head as I type these words:

1) I’m getting old

2) I’m acquiring taste

Or, I suppose, 3) I’m becoming a snob. Whatever. I’ve seen two cool documentaries recently – one on beer, and one on yoga, and I really enjoyed the human element in both of them, seeing actual struggles that people were going through, and how they overcame (or didn’t overcome) the difficulties they were facing.

I would particularly recommend that documentary I saw last night, “Enlighten up”, for anyone who does yoga, or has made any significant changes in their life recently. It was fun to see a normal guy who had never done yoga before embark on a “yoga quest” and travel from New York to Hawaii to India in search of a guru and some sort of spiritual awakening. Did he find what he was looking for? I think that he did, but not everyone I saw the movie with was convinced he attained any sort of significant insight during his journey. But if you’re the kind of person who takes classes where you pretzel yourself on a regular basis, you owe it to yourself to check out this great documentary.

Real people are just more interesting. (But I don’t watch reality tv!)

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  2 Responses to “Beginning to Love Documentary Movies”

  1. As a marathoner, you should check out “Spirit of the Marathon.” I saw it a few months before I ran my marathon, and it was amazing! I own it now so I can watch it once in awhile to reappreciate what I went through and accomplished.

  2. I will totally do that and check it out. Thanks!

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