Apr 292009

Yeah, I got hit by a car today. I was riding my nice, carbon-fiber framed road bike home from work, going up a hill, and some guy in his 60’s at a stop sign didn’t look in my direction before plowing right into me. I kinda flew off my bike. It was my first experience getting hit by a 3000+ pound chuck of metal and it was pretty interesting.

It should be pretty obvious I’m not hury, otherwise I would a) be in the hospital and b) not be so nonchalant about the whole thing. Other than a bloodied knee and a couple sore places on me, I’m totally fine. And I voluntarily get myself more beat up than this when I spar with people and get punched in the face.

So yeah, no big deal physically.

I was pretty pissed about my bike though. I’m taking it in tomorrow to see whether the frame is cracked, which would mean the whole bike needs to get replaced. Luckily I got all the guy’s info so he can pay for it in that eventuality. But I totally don’t want that to happen, because it would be a complete pain in the ass to deal with. I’m already annoyed about having to take my bike in a be without it for a week or so while it gets looked at.

What totally amuses me is that yesterday I bought a new pair of motorcycle pants to protect myself when riding my motorcycle. Then today I decide to ride my bike into work instead, and I get plowed into. Grr.

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