Oct 202009

I’m always happy to come down and visit LA, but I’m always happy to leave too. Every time I am here, it seems like it it more and more different from Northern California. The flatness of the city, the endless streets, the gorgeous cars everywhere, the sprawling residential areas lines with palm trees, and the warm nights perfect for relaxing at a bar or outdoor restaurant. The is much to like and enjoy here, but the pace of life doesn’t quite mesh with what I have become accustomed to.

This trip, more than anything, brought back a lot of memories for me and reminders of time spent in LA in years past. Visiting my best friend down here, we would fill our nights with music, good food, alcohol, and LA nightlife. My brain is soaked and imbued with the residue of flying down LA streets with windows down, or a top down, beats thumping and getting us ready for the hours are partying to come. And then the feel of emerging hours later, sky still dark but night still warm, heading back to the apartment for a Corona before bed.

I miss those LA times.


Business-wise, this trip was successful. We put together a solid plan for the next month and more, got our shit together, and figured out how to do some product and ad copy testing on the cheap before we pour money into a first production run. I think we may still be unsure what distribution type we want to focus on, but we’re close. And this was the first time I met one of my business partners (the wonders of Skype and video messaging had allowed me to see him and feel like I had met him without ever being within 300 miles of him.)

What amazes me so much about this process is how difficult and confusing some things seem before you do them, but how simple and self-explanatory they can seem afterwards. I come into this with a base of a lot of reading, but not much in terms of actual firsthand experience. It is worth 10 times as much as any theoretical or case study knowledge. I guess that’s why doctors have to spend so much time learning by working with real patients before they can ever practice medicine alone.

Thank god I’m not a doctor. Business is so much easier.

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