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Earlier today I stumbled across a website celebrating what it calls “Movember”, which is the whole month of November being dedicated to the growing of mustaches.  Yeah, it sounds pretty weird. But the whole point of it is to join up, grow your stache, and raise awareness (and money) for prostate cancer research. And really, when it comes down to it, growing a mustache and raising money for prostate cancer (and testicular cancer) research are both awesome things.

I’ve always wanted to have a reason to grow out my stache. At my last job I used to shave every day. As soon as I quit, I think I went almost 3 weeks without shaving. Now, my facial hair doesn’t grow very fast, so the result wasn’t amazing or anything, but it was satisfying in a manly, chicks-can’t-do-this sort of way. So yeah, I’m growing a stache.

I guess my other motivation comes from my grandfather, who passed away earlier this year due to prostate cancer. A really high percentage of men end up getting prostate cancer but it really doesn’t get as much attention as some other cancers.

Hopefully events like Movember help change that a little bit, and do a little bit of good.

Oh, and if you want to join my team, it’s called Stachetaculous and you can join up at http://us.movember.com/

Here’s my day 1 photo (fully clean shaven for the first time in a couple months):

movember 1

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