Nov 022009

As someone operating primarily in the online domain for what I have been doing in the last year, I sometimes struggle with figuring out the impact of different social media strategies and how to quantitatively measure the impact that social media can have in any of my online pursuits. Frankly, there are times when it seems like using social media is a lot of work, but when you can generate real dialogue between you and a potential customer it becomes very worthwhile.

(I’ve also been experimenting with different ways to streamline updating content in different locations and Posterous may be an excellent tool for that.)

If you ever doubt the impact of social media –  now and in the future – take a look at this excellent short video, and wrap your head around some of those eye-popping stats. (I do have one critique though, which is that Facebook’s total time to reach 50 million viewers isn’t given – it just gives 100 million in 9 months, which ignores the years in which Facebook was primarily a tool for college kids to connect.) Regardless, still interesting stuff.

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