Dec 052009

Movember. Wow, who would have thought growing a mustache would be so frickin hard? About halfway through I was seriously wishing that I was training for a marathon. I mean, I got a lot of grief from women. Maybe they would be been nicer if I was raising money for breast cancer research instead of prostate and testicular cancer research. But hey, cancer is cancer and any time you’re raising money for ANY kind of cancer research, it does have benefits overall for every type. And given that 4 of my grandparents and 1 of my parents all died from different forms of cancer, it’s something that’s pretty important to me.

So a huge thank you to all who supported me or donated money. It was actually a pretty cool experience, topped off by a gala party last Thursday night with a whole lot of other Movember participants (and Mo Sisters.)  I didn’t know what to expect, going to a party in SF with a bunch of dudes sporting staches, but it was actually a blast and hilarious to boot. People were going all out for the costume contests and for the “Man of Movember” grand prize. The crowd was good, everyone was into the whole thing, and for a Thursday evening it kicked ass.

But wow, does it feel nice to be clean shaven again.

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