Feb 042010

No, no, get your filthy mind out of the gutter. I’m not talking about that boy-girl stuff. I’m talking about what happens when you see an opportunity for multiple things you’re passionate about to come together. When you have that “holy crap!” moment and realize that it not just a possibility, but there exists a concrete realistic opportunity to do something that you could really potentially love.

And that’s what happened when I found Zero Motorcycles. They’re hiring for their marketing department, and holding a position like that for a company like Zero Motorcycles would be one of those jobs that would be more than a job – it would be something I would wake up every morning looking forward to. Here’s why:

Zero Motorcycles is pretty new company based in Santa Cruz that designs and manufactures electric motorcycles. They’ve got off-road bikes and now a street-legal motorcycle – and the bikes are light, quick, cost almost nothing to power, and are absolutely part of the future of transportation and of motorcycling. And the company embodies much of what I’m passionate about – 1) motorcycles, 2) new technology, 3) a startup with the opportunity to create a premium brand, 4) green technology, and 5) fun! This is a company creating a product for people to love, play with, enjoy, and experience the world in, and they’re doing it in a forward-thinking, environmentally friendly way.

I would rock a job with Zero Motorcycles. There is just so much potential there to be absolutely amazing, and to bring a stunning product to the world.

Check it out-

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