Mar 032010


I’m finally putting some effort back into updating MotorcycleNewsGuy (my motorcycle news site) because, despite what seems to be a difficult economy for motorcycles, there really is a lot of innovation going on out there. I especially love what we’re seeing in alternative-fuel motorcycles, which don’t get nearly as much love here in the US as alternative-fuel automobiles do. And that’s a shame, because a 2-wheeled vehicle tends to get even better mileage per whatever than a 4-wheeled vehicle, and they tend to release even less carbon as well.

So today I’m saluting Zero Motorcycles for bringing out a colorful new 2010 product line of all electric motorcycles for both street and off-road riding. I’d love to get a test ride on one of these soon.

Oh, and you can take a look at my (admittedly weird) MotorcycleNewsGuy post on Zero Motorcycles if you like. MCNG has an odd voice, but I definitely enjoy writing as him.

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