Mar 092010
Aaron Burke hiking on Mt. Tam

I have put this picture up named "Aaron Burke" in a shameless ploy at increasing my google ranking for my name.

When I started this site, it began as an experiment for me: I wanted to register the name Aaron Burke, put up a WordPress web site, and mess around with finally having some sort of web presence. I called it Aaron Speaks! because, frankly, having no idea about what I wanted to talk about I figured that name would just about cover any potential topics.

I had no intention of having the website be anything that anyone outside of my close friends would discover. In fact, I didn’t use my last name, refrained from posting any pictures of myself, and avoided putting up anything that could directly link the site back to me. I even registered the domain name anonymously.

But, things change…

This site is now the hub that connects all things me. (Or at least it’s moving that way. I have too many damn accounts all over the internets to connect them all. There are a lot of internets, you know.)

And as the site began to be connected to me, I discovered that I wanted people to be able to find this place, and by extension, find me. Somewhere in the last few months, I noticed that when you google “Aaron Burke” this site was coming up pretty high in the rankings. Of course, being competitive, I decided that I needed to be #1. I hovered up at #2 for while (behind a pesky UCLA law professor), and then last week I noticed “tada!” I was #1. Sweet!

It lasted 1 day.

And then took the top spot, and we’ve been switching back and forth since then, in a little google rankings dance. Now, I don’t mind dancing, but I like doing it with women, so, you are going to have to take a seat. I want my top spot back. I figure I will try to put some of my learnings regarding keyword optimization to good use and see if I can more permanantly get #1.

Wish me luck.

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  4. Her har vi ikke sett et eneste solgløtt i dag, er vel en grunn til at det var rød varseltrekant pÃ¥ værmeldingen i gÃ¥r 😉 Det har og regner fortsatt mye her :( Men men, er ikke vant il pent vær nÃ¥r det nærmer seg bursdagen min heller da 😉

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