May 122010

Yesterday afternoon about 4:45pm I was locked in a brain loop and couldn’t figure a way out. I was thinking too much about what I had to do, what was the best use of my time, how I was going to take care of important needs – basically the kind of crap that normally hits right when I’m just about to fall asleep.

So rather than working harder and powering through, I went for a bike ride.

And I felt guilty – for about 10 minutes. After that, I got into a flow while riding, and then physical exertion somehow freed up my mind, and suddenly I wasn’t worried about things anymore. In fact, inspiration suddenly flooded into me and the creative part of my mind started racing and serving up more ideas than I could keep track of.

I came back from my ride refreshed, energized, and cranked out a couple hours worth of solid work.

So yeah, that’s my happy thought for the day.

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