Jun 092010

We live in a world where we are measured by time spent in roles, in “years of experience.” It’s an antiquated concept, taken from a past world where people performed specific tasks and, naturally, became better at those tasks with practice and as time went by.

But this world is changing. More and more people are beginning to realize that how long you’ve been doing something matters much less than what you’ve actually done. Experience does count, absolutely, but it’s the projects you have worked on and what you accomplished and completed to get that experience that matters a great deal more.

Years from now, you’ll never remember how many emails you returned each day, how many people you got back to, or how many meetings you went to. What you will remember, however, are the projects you believed in, worked at, completed, and then looked over with the satisfaction of having created something good.

What you do and what you work towards every day should be about those projects. Find one that matters to you. Find one that you can be passionate about. Find thy “why” in what you are doing. And spend you time on that. Make that the most important part of your work day.

For a really good, inspiring article about projects and finding that “WOW” project that you can pour yourself into, check out this great article, originally published in Fast Company Magazine:

The Wow Project

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