Oct 132010

Previously I talked about the #1 way to stand out online. The respected authorities who are recognized for their excellence, draw an audience, and influence members of their niches all do these 4 key things. If you want to be excellent and stand out, you need to incorporate these practices into what you do each […]

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May 042010

Passivity is an easy path to mediocrity. Attack what you want. Propose things. Go after things. Some things may come to you, but the best are waiting for you to come to them. Don’t waste your time coming up with reasons why things can’t be done. The best way to figure out what is possible, […]

Mar 152010
Returning the Power of Food to the People

The Answer is: Farmer’s Markets. Local food production. Small Farms. Sustainable Farming. What is: The Future of Food? If we were playing Food Jeopardy, you would be a big winner. We’re not, but in a sense we’re playing a much bigger game. We have been putting our planet, our oceans, and our environment in jeopardy […]

Dec 082009

It’s become clear to me recently that one of the more useful skills a person can posses in these times is the ability to sift through the wealth of information strewn about everywhere to find the best and most useful piece of information at that particular moment. It’s true that google has done a wonderful […]

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Dec 032009
How Physics and Business are the Same

Back in my junior year of high school I was first introduced to the kind of Newtonian Mechanics physics that can be both incredibly useful in real life use (looking at the where forces are applied in a system, calculating collisions and projectile flight paths) and can also be a total pain in the ass. […]