May 272010

“Life is not linear, it’s organic. We create our lives symbiotically as we explore our talents in relation to the circumstances they help create for us.” As someone who previously lived in a linear fashion, I went years without questioning the course of my life. Since I realized I needed to follow (and figure out) […]

May 172010

I found this today… kinda gives me goosebumps seeing what this guy has done and the real impact he has had of many people’s lives. He’s one of my new heroes. I could tell you what he does, but I’ll let him and his project speak for themselves. Khan Academy. (On a side note, Vimeo […]

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Mar 102010

Alright I did a tweet about one of these last night, but I think it deserves a little more attention: They have (free) full lecture courses from Yale, Stanford, MIT, Cal, Harvard (at least those are what I have seen so far.) The subjects covered vary from entrepreneurship to computer science to medicine. And […]

Jan 092009

Okay, if there has ever been a little part of you that thought “yeah, I’d like to set up my own business, like to have my own thing going” I’m going to tell you seriously to follow that thought. Following it doesn’t have to mean you need to make any sort of life-changing decisions (like […]

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