Mar 272011

I’m sitting in a restaurant several miles from where I live, having just escaped one of the most extensive power outages I’ve been through. I didn’t know what to do with myself, so first I tries heading to the mall to get some food and so some reading. The mall had no power. Even worse, […]

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Mar 232011

If, at the end of your life, you find that you’ve achieved every goal you ever set for yourself, you probably didn’t reach high enough. Ah, but a man’s reach should exceed his grasp, else what’s a Heaven for? -Robert Browning.

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May 122010

Yesterday afternoon about 4:45pm I was locked in a brain loop and couldn’t figure a way out. I was thinking too much about what I had to do, what was the best use of my time, how I was going to take care of important needs – basically the kind of crap that normally hits […]

Apr 272010
5 Insidious Ways to Waste Time

I calls these insidious ways to waste time because you can convince yourself that you are actually doing something productive. You’re not, though. Really, you could be watching this on YouTube and be accomplishing just as much. 1. Reading those posts from “important” blogs in your RSS feed. I understand. I do it all the […]

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Apr 042010

In retrospect, I’m actually pretty surprised I feel as good today as I do. Yesterday I swam 1.2 km in chilly Berkeley waters at 7:30 in the morning. As I emerged and began running barefoot towards my bicycle, I tried to figure out what had happened to my hands and feet. Because I was running […]

Mar 032010
Updating my Motorcycle Site

I’m finally putting some effort back into updating MotorcycleNewsGuy (my motorcycle news site) because, despite what seems to be a difficult economy for motorcycles, there really is a lot of innovation going on out there. I especially love what we’re seeing in alternative-fuel motorcycles, which don’t get nearly as much love here in the US […]

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Feb 252010

Scientists are making progress in developing biofuels with a range of methods and an assortment of feedstocks. (From Among the promising clean energy alternatives is an algae photo-bioreactor that grows algae in municipal wastewater to produce biofuel. Developed by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), the bioreactor consists of large plastic bags made […]

Feb 042010

No, no, get your filthy mind out of the gutter. I’m not talking about that boy-girl stuff. I’m talking about what happens when you see an opportunity for multiple things you’re passionate about to come together. When you have that “holy crap!” moment and realize that it not just a possibility, but there exists a […]

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