Feb 022009

The news media said that London was hit the last two days with the worst snow in two decades… having been to Tahoe and Mammoth during snow storms, it didn’t seem bad at all to me. But apparently the transportation department didn’t salt the roads, and didn’t plow them until later on today, leaving thousand […]

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Jan 272009

Last Sunday was a lot of things: rainy, gloomy, Chinese New Year, and also the day after the last day of the big sale at Harrods. Unfortunately, we didn’t know the sale had ended, so we traveled through the rain to shop at a decidedly un-salesy Harrods. Which translates to full price Harrods. Which, I […]

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Jan 262009

Saturday Will and I took a visit to the British Museum to view a few of their collections.  Now the British, you see, being former imperialists, have filled this museum with all sorts of unique artifacts plundered rescued from countries around the world. And wishing to show off their former imperialist glory, admission to the […]

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Jan 232009

At the Western edge of central London lies Hyde Park, a pretty darn large expanse of woods, paths, waterways, statues, and little critters. I like to explore, but I get bored walking, so my preferred method of exploring a new area is to run through it and stop whenever I see anything interesting. So I […]

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Jan 222009

Will and I hopped on over to a bar near Picadilly Circus (in the heart of London) to attend an Obama inauguration party.  The were a lot of Americans there, but more surprising to me was the number of English and other Europeans who were there celebrating.  I’m not sure whether they were more interested […]

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