May 172010

I found this today… kinda gives me goosebumps seeing what this guy has done and the real impact he has had of many people’s lives. He’s one of my new heroes. I could tell you what he does, but I’ll let him and his project speak for themselves. Khan Academy. (On a side note, Vimeo […]

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May 122010

Yesterday afternoon about 4:45pm I was locked in a brain loop and couldn’t figure a way out. I was thinking too much about what I had to do, what was the best use of my time, how I was going to take care of important needs – basically the kind of crap that normally hits […]

May 042010

Passivity is an easy path to mediocrity. Attack what you want. Propose things. Go after things. Some things may come to you, but the best are waiting for you to come to them. Don’t waste your time coming up with reasons why things can’t be done. The best way to figure out what is possible, […]

Apr 272010
5 Insidious Ways to Waste Time

I calls these insidious ways to waste time because you can convince yourself that you are actually doing something productive. You’re not, though. Really, you could be watching this on YouTube and be accomplishing just as much. 1. Reading those posts from “important” blogs in your RSS feed. I understand. I do it all the […]

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Apr 072010

“No one could make a greater mistake than he who did nothing because he could do only a little.” -Edmund Burke We are in the midst of multiple revolutions across our planet. Be aware of what is happening, because right now, in 2010, we are experiencing an incredibly transformative time. What is occurring will have […]

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Apr 042010

In retrospect, I’m actually pretty surprised I feel as good today as I do. Yesterday I swam 1.2 km in chilly Berkeley waters at 7:30 in the morning. As I emerged and began running barefoot towards my bicycle, I tried to figure out what had happened to my hands and feet. Because I was running […]

Mar 152010
Returning the Power of Food to the People

The Answer is: Farmer’s Markets. Local food production. Small Farms. Sustainable Farming. What is: The Future of Food? If we were playing Food Jeopardy, you would be a big winner. We’re not, but in a sense we’re playing a much bigger game. We have been putting our planet, our oceans, and our environment in jeopardy […]

Mar 102010

Alright I did a tweet about one of these last night, but I think it deserves a little more attention: They have (free) full lecture courses from Yale, Stanford, MIT, Cal, Harvard (at least those are what I have seen so far.) The subjects covered vary from entrepreneurship to computer science to medicine. And […]

Mar 092010
Google Rankings Envy

When I started this site, it began as an experiment for me: I wanted to register the name Aaron Burke, put up a WordPress web site, and mess around with finally having some sort of web presence. I called it Aaron Speaks! because, frankly, having no idea about what I wanted to talk about I […]