Exploring Marketing Analytics

I’m excited to get this site started, and have a space for my ideas and thoughts on the intersection of data, analytics, and marketing.

We’re bombarded with a wealth of data and what at times feels like an overabundance of tools to view, analyze, and make sense of this data. Yet so often I’ve seen marketing analytics boil down to:

  • Look at some basic web site traffic data
  • Track email opens and clicks
  • On a monthly basis, look through sales and revenue dashboards and manually hope to derive some new insights or trends

Data can give us so much more. It can let us find our audience, help us make discoveries into ideal geographic areas for a new campaign, and even provide the basis for new products or new feature sets. And what’s more, the analysis of data can (and I think, should) be fun and provide us with a way of viewing the data that is both visually appealing and facilitates new insights.

I plan to have this site serve as a repository not only for my thoughts on marketing, data, and analytics - but also my discoveries as I explore this field. Hopefully some of what ends up here will provide value to those with similar interests. But even if it doesn’t, I plan to enjoy myself.

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Written on June 19, 2018